Sunday, September 28, 2008

CC: Media Frenzy (If One Interview Counts as a Frenzy)

Chris here again. That's right, Dan still hasn't taken the time to get up off his lazy ass (or perhaps sit down on his lazy ass more accurately) and get around to doing another entry. If I hadn't been holding out hope for Dan Vosharticular activity I surely would have done this next post sooner, but I'm afraid I must appologize to our loyal readers (please exist) for the long break.
Since getting this blog up we've really been gearing up the campaign and been starting to try to get some attention for ourselves. My web designer of a father came up for a couple days to work on our soon to be published website *plug* pay John Ciosk money to design stuff for you *plug*, which I will link you all to as soon as it hits the internets. We've all been shameless plugging this blog to everyone we meet too in hopes of getting a few more people interested, and hopefully some of you are reading this right now! Tell all of your friends!!!!
Even more excitingly this Wednesday we did our first official interview with the wildly talented (I hope) Clare Hill of the Ryersonian. She may not know it, but we're offically great friends now by virtue of her having done extended edition LOTR marathons not to mention actually catching all of my references! We somehow managed to waste two and a half hours of her time between me and Dan bickering about each other (everything that went wrong with the Viggo interview was his fault), my tediously incessant idealistic rants, and even a small stretch where we actually answered her questions. All things said, it was a pretty excellent interview and sometime next week we should have an article to share with all of you.
We're also heading out to do a photoshoot with the folks at the Ryersonian tomorrow afternoon. The last thing that I heard was that they were out shopping for cloaks for us to wear, so I'm very excited to say the least. I've never known a school paper to spend this much time and effort on an article, let alone to be half this enthusiastic, so my deepest adiration goes out to all the wonderful folks in the Ryersonian Arts Department!
That's about it for today, but in the meantime have fun, and keep an eye out for our Ryersonian article (tentatively coming out Oct 1) as well as our website.

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