Sunday, September 21, 2008

CC: The Adventure Begins!

At last the crew has been assembled, the plans have been planned, the logistics considered, and myself and my new roommate Dan Voshart are ready to plunge ourselves in earnest into the task of transforming ourselves into the perfect elves. When we get to New Zealand Guillermo Del Toro and Peter Jackson aren't going to be saying "Sure, I suppose they could pass for elves", but rather, "I need those two lanky gentlemen to be our elves and won't accept any substitutions. In fact, put them nearer the foreground where they're only kind of out of focus!" We've debated and discussed, I've recently started my regiment for developing an elven physique, and this week we are looking into learning the essential elven skill of horseback riding.

This adventure promises to be even more of a challenge for me as in less than five months I'm planning to go on a nearly year long across Asia, where I'll attempt to master the art of elfhood amongst some of the appropriately most epic environments and ancient cultures on earth. And at the end of it all, I'll have traveled overland all the way to New Zealand where I'll be meeting Dan. From crossing snowy Himilayan mountain passes (surely Everest is our equivalent of Middle Earth's Caradhras which only Legolas could navigate) to getting in touch with the closest I'll come to my elven-like immortal nature through meditation, to visiting remote civilizations and popping by massive Mount Doom sized volcanoes, by the time I reach New Zealand I may arrive a different person. A much more elven person to be presise.

In the meantime, I'll be showering you with updates on our latest progress in the rare bits of free time I'll have between working seven days a week to save money, finishing up An Adventurer is You, my current documentary project, not to mention elvenizing myself and planning out the trip. So keep reading and feel free to watch from the comfort of your computer chair as we struggle to realize our childhood dreams and participate in one of the most exciting movie experiences we can imagine. Or drop us a line and see what you can do to get involved or help!

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