Friday, November 14, 2008

DV: The Quantum of Ciosk

The "Chris is a Failure Party" has passed like a kidney stone.

With almost 30 attendees Chris reached his goal of finishing his film by November 13th and managed to screen something that was "watchable".

Quantum of Solaceme on the other hand was unanimously panned by everyone who migrated from the party to see this midnight screening. I heard from multiple sources that this year's Bond film was "worse than Chris' film"

How is it possible that man with the intellect of a dead penguin could out-do a bond film?

#1 The most likely scenario:
Bond was so disparagingly awful that guests were thankful for Chris's straight-to DVD release.

#2 My theory:
The Director of 007 spent all his spare time cleaning his kitchen.
Chis however, neglected his duties as a member of society and focused only on finishing his film.


Shahrzad said...

ew gross. boys are yucky.

Gmail said...

So in 1976, my 3 roomates and I cut up a whole chicken and made chicken soup in a 5 liter pressure cooker and then proceeded to go out and get loaded for Chuck's birthday. We didn't realize we hadn't put it away till the next day, October 22. No one felt it was their job to deal with the mess and the longer it sat there the less we were inclined to face what waited within.
Over the next few months the chicken, sealed in the pressure cooker sitting on the back burner of our gas stove, was kept warm by the small but constant pilot flame beneath.
People, some of them positive strangers would come to out apartment to marvel. They'd put thier hands upon the heavy, cast aluminum pot, feel the cozy warmth of it and imagine the horrors inside. The chicken must have completely decomposed after the first few weeks, but in it's constantly warm air tight environment who could say what it had devolved to. Many thought some new twisted form of life was beginning in that metallic womb. When it was soon time to leave that April, we decided that although the pot was valuable, we'd throw it out. We sat it next to the garbage cans on the curb. The next morning it had gone. Some one's next to last thought must have been "Hey, free pressure cooker".

Kat said...

lol Dan, your comments about the jar of pasta sauce at the Horseshoe were not exaggerated. Thank you for that video.