Monday, October 27, 2008

DV: Degrassi Knoll

Chris entered my room this morning, scratched MY head in the most pedophelic way, and said " "You should post about Degrassi"

I didn't want to post until we got the images from Degrassi but I also don't want him touching me again. I digress.

Being an extra is boring, and depressing. During a 3 hour wait in the holding area some dude closed the only window we had. Not only is being an extra the most depressing job in the world apparently it attracts vampires.

On set I was nothing more than a meat puppet and it sucks hard. My 5 second appearance on Degrassi will be the worst television experience since the JFK assassination. I try not to think about why I'm planning 18 months in advance to be one in The Hobbit. This flight of fantasy is much too real.

Degrassi lost 164 dollars to Apartment 705 today


thefreedomfry said...

Chris is always entering other people's rooms and scratching their heads in a pedophilic way-- something I undoubtedly should have warned you about before you moved in.

The Hobbit Documentary said...

RE: thefreedomfry

For those who don't know: "thefreedomfry" was the second of three roommates Chris drove out of the apartment.

Chris said...

First of two! I haven't driven you out yet Dan!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you got an extra part on Degrassi! That's so cool! That's the best show ever. How'd you get the gig? Degrassi's on Sundays at 7:30 on CTV.